"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This word has been stirring in me since pine cove family camp a month ago. I just can't get it out of my mind and I really do think the Lord keeps bringing it to the front of my heart and mind. We like most people had a great summer just filled with a lot of busyness. All good stuff, but both Andrew and I felt as though we were always 2 ships passing each other as one left the house to go and do "good things". (Does that make sense??) I am a person who has a very hard time saying no and I feel pressure (that I mainly put on myself) to be the best pastor's wife I can possibly be sometimes making my family pay for it. I call it unhealthy loyalty. :) Being devoted and loyal is all good, but when it wears us thin I think it becomes unhealthy. SO - Simplify is our family's "theme" as we begin fall. I want to simplify all the way down to my kids closets and drawers. I want to get back to prioritizing relationships and eternal things and I know the Lord will give me wisdom and strength to do what I feel He is asking me to do. I was in Hobby Lobby last week and I look over and this sign is staring at me - SIMPLIFY. I looked us and told the Lord,"Okay, I get it!" (I am the kind of person who needs to be told several times.;) So, I bought it and the sign is now hanging in my kitchen and I look at it like 1,000 times a day. Pray for us as we try and find the balance between ministry (that is always a good thing) and our family and couple time. Here are some more recent pics of the kids:

This will sure help simplify! (And help our budget!) Ains is getting close to potty training. (She is more ready than Mommy!;)

Time with Nana

New pjs!

sweet sisters!

Time with Grandpa and Grandma Werley

We are gearing up for preschool around our house these days! The girls just got new nap mats and are so excited to take them to school and use them!:)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Days of Summer

We have had a great summer full of swimming (too many times to count!), movie nights, family fun Fridays together, play dates and lots of outside time. All 3 of our kiddos will start preschool next week (the girls for the 1st time ever!) and can I just say that this mama is VERY excited to get back in some kind of schedule. Even with preschoolers, getting back into a routine and schedule is needed. :) I am going to miss my children tremendously, but like everyone is telling me it will be a good time for me to get things done and renew my spirit a little bit so that I can be a better mom. I am looking forward to going to lunch with my hubby and friends. I am looking forward to going places like Target by myself. (YAY!) I am looking forward to working out on a regular basis again and to getting 'chores' around the house done in a more timely manner. (We will see on that last one.;) 12 hours a week without my kiddos - WOW! I love that I know they will be learning and having so much fun at school and I will also be so excited to go and get them each day. (I am going to miss them!) Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks around our house:

Washing Mommy's car

Mommy and Audrey went to a mother/daughter dinner together.
LOVED that time with her! We listened to princess songs on the way, ate at a girly restaurant, and had a lot of much needed one-on-one time together. Precious moments for sure!

playing 'turtles'

water balloon fight!

So fun!

One of Austin's goals this summer has been to cross the monkey bars all by himself and I tell you what, when our boy gets something in his head he wont stop trying until he has mastered it. Way to go, A-town!

Audrey likes for Daddy to be her helper. :)

Do you think this little guy needs a haircut??
Abraham has been such an amazing puppy this summer! We are all in love! He is a perfect fit for us and we are so thankful!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary... my little bro and his sweet wife!!

What a great day! Can't believe it has been a year already! One of my favorite parts about Cory and Kristin's wedding was getting to see and catch up with so many of the Mauritzen/Patterson family members. I also loved the beautiful ceremony performed by my hubby! (One of the best ever!:)
Cory and Kristin,
We love you two so much! Can't wait to watch what the Lord has in store for your sweet family this next year! So proud of you guys!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Praying for Aunt Debbie

**UPDATE** - Aunt Debbie made it through both the heart surgery and spinal surgery and was taken off the ventilator yesterday. She was smiling and can move her fingers, but not anything else. They are currently trying to transport her from NM (where they were on vacation and the accident occurred) to CA where they live. Thank you so much for your prayers for Debbie.
Summer 2006 - Aunt Debbie, Nana and Austin (at 6 months old) - LOVE this picture!
'Aunt' Debbie has been one of Andrew's moms best friends since high school. When she was 16 she was in an accident in the school parking lot and she fell out of the back of a moving truck and was paralyzed. This past weekend she was in another accident that could possibly leave her a quadriplegic. She had heart surgery yesterday and spinal surgery today. I just can't stop thinking and praying for this sweet lady. She truly has been like an aunt to Andrew for many years. She loves the Lord and has such a sweet spirit about her. Please join our family in prayer for this wonderful lady. Pray for a miracle healing. Pray for her husband, Darryl to come to know Jesus through this tragedy as he seeks answers. Please pray for Yvonne and Debbie's family to find peace and strength as they wait for whatever is the next step. God has a purpose and we know that Debbie wants Him to get the glory through this situation.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him." 1Corinthians 2:9

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Pine Cove 2010

As you already know, Pine Cove Family Camp has impacted out family in so many positive ways and hopefully will for many summers to come. Here are some of our favorite people from camp this year:

The Sherrods - Chris is the Director of the Bluffs and both him and his wife Katie are amazing, God-loving people! This year's theme was 'Lose Your Life'. Thank you for encouraging us to simplify and in parenting. You two have blessed us!

The Shigleys - our speakers for the week. What an awesome couple that have been on an amazing journey with the Lord. Thank you for sharing your heart and so many practical parenting 'tips' (they have 7 of their own!) and how to be grace-based parents.

This is one of my best friends, Mandy. Wow has she been such a blessing from the Lord!! When I came home from camp last summer I told her that somehow she had to get her family to family camp next summer! It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with the Helms all week long this year. Mandy, you inspire me in so many ways! Love ya, friend!

Us with the Helm family - Let's do it again next summer!!

Our last meal at camp. These 3 are such sweet friends!

As our the 2 younger kiddos. :) LOVE this pic of Ainsley and Dax!

Sweet girls!

Austin's fav friend for the week - Luke from Louisiana. Such cuties! :)

Austin and Audrey's group

'Dance Pants' was definitely one of our favorite counsellors from the week. Thanks for everything, Katie!! You are amazing!

Austin with 'Come Back Kid'

Ainsley's group for the week. Look at all those sweet faces!

Ainsley's sweet counsellors who worked so hard all week! These girls have such servant's hearts!

The last thing we did before we loaded up and headed home was have one final push on the swing...

Bye, bye Pine Cove! See you next summer! Thanks so much for reading! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PC - Friday

Our last full day at Pine Cove was bittersweet. We had another full day of fun as a family and we soaked in every moment. I was already getting sad that the week was winding down and we were going to have to load up and drive home the next day back to the 'real' world. Don't get me wrong, we love our church and the ministry the Lord has called us to in our sweet little town. LOVE the people of our church and the many ways God is revealing, restoring and drawing people to Himself there as well. This family time thing, though is where it is at for us. Our most important ministry is to our children and their precious hearts. At PC we get to be all about nourishing our family and our marriage. It is such an important time and I know it makes Andrew a better pastor and me a better mom/pastor's wife to have a week away like this with little to no distractions. That's why we recommend this place to everyone! We call PC our little piece of heaven and we are SO thankful for it. :) Okay, on to Friday's fun pics:

At lunch on Friday, our two oldest cove kiddos did a little presentation that included a memory verse they memorized during the week and a sweet little song. They were both so adorable up on that stage!

These were A-Towns buds for the week. They were quite the crew together!

Sweet Audrey sang her little heart out! Our little girl LOVES to sing and she made sure we could all hear her up there. As soon as it was over she asked me if I could hear her and Kinsey. :) Precious!

That afternoon we went to the dock again to play on the banana boats (def one of Austin's fav activities!:)

Audrey rode for a while, but she was MUCH happier just riding on the boat. That's our girl! :)

Two of my fav boys having a blast together. I could hear the laughter from the boat. :)

I even got on a rode for a little while with my boy...

After the boats, we headed back to camp. It was amazingly about to rain (it was 100 degrees plus all week, so it was a very welcomed event!!) We noticed that no one was at the pool and the boys were able to sneak in some fun sliding time before the thunder started. This is another thing that Austin did for the 1st time this week and loved. He is such a B.I.G. boy these days!! :)

Here is Daddy coming out the slide. They both got to ride more than 5 times in a row and were loving it. :)

On Friday evening, the theme was 'Seuss on the Loose'. I knew right way when I heard the theme that these two would be Thing 1 and Thing 2 (blue hair and all!) It was just so fitting! ;)

Ainsley in her Seuss attire with 'Tilt a Whirl' (one of Aunt Zuzu's sweet friends.:)

We loved the fun drama that night.

Daddy with our Thing 2. :)

One tired, but blessed family of 5!!