"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Did She Go??

So I went in to check on Audrey the other night after we put her down for bed

and she wasn't there!

She had gone to her chair (that is usually slip covered in solid brown! ;) and "rocked" herself to sleep! Look how precious she is with her blanket over her legs and her hippopotamus in her arms. Love it!

We also recently went and got Audrey's 1st official hair cut before preschool started a couple of weeks ago. She was excited. :)

She was unsure at this point, but did a great job. Mostly because it took less than 5 minutes!! I mean, I have never blown $20 so quickly in my life! The lady sprayed her hair, trimmed the back and was done. Very frustrating! I don't know what I was expecting, but I was dissappointed with the "experience". Needless to say, I think Mommy will just keep trimming it myself.;)
Here are some cute pics of our other two kiddos. :)

Ains loves wearing Daddy's hats and looks SO cute in them! I love her sweet smile!

This is what Austin's bed looks like A LOT these days. FULL OF TOYS!! I don't know how he sleeps! He was so excited about his new Cars backpack this day that it had to be in bed with him AND he had to put on his Cars pj's even though it was like 100 degrees outside and just nap time. Silly boy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day Fun

We had a great and relaxing Labor Day weekend! We were able to catch up on some things around the house and had some good friends come over. It was just what we needed before we kick into gear for all the fall happenings in church life. :) Here are some of my fav pics from the evening:

Hanging out in the backyard before dinner.

Cade is one of Austin's favorite friends. They always have so much fun together! Especially on this slide!

Audrey LOVES Addie! Talks about her nonstop!! They were doing their dance pose in this pic. :)

The handsome cook. :) LOVE how Abraham is keeping his eyes on the "prize" in this pic!

Audrey and sweet Lauren playing on the slide.

Look at this precious face!!

Austin ran around the ENTIRE time. He loves having friends over! As a matter of fact, I can't even remember if he stopped long enough to have dinner that night! Some mom I am! (I know he had plenty of Cheetos though!;)

One of my favorite pics of our little ones. :)

Andrew and Keri having a very "deep" conversation I am sure. :)

3 families and 9.5 kiddos! So fun! We love you Adkins and Timmermans! Each of you are such a blessing and answered prayer for us in so many ways!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 1st Days of Preschool!!

As many of you know, this Mommy was very excited for preschool to start this year because all 3 of my monkeys would be going giving me a couple of hours a week to catch my breath, run errands, go to lunch with my hubby and other friends or just go home and read a book for a while. :)

On meet the teacher night, all 3 kids got a chance to see where their classes would be and who their teachers were. (We were very excited about all their teachers! )AND see friends! Here they are with Hudson and Avery at the "buggy parking". :)

We were sad that these two aren't in class this year together, but we did find out that they have their "special" classes together like fitness and music. Austin was also very excited to see Hudson on the playground one day this week. :)

More friends came to join us on the buggy! Our kids LOVE Addie and Doak! Such sweet friends and many silly moments! we celebrate the night by taking the kids to Chic Fil A and buying some ice cream and playing. It was a fun night!

Look how B.I.G. our kiddos are getting!! I just can't believe it! All 3 were very excited to get to school this morning!

Audrey was so adorable with her princess backpack and nap mat and her Tinkerbell lunch box! She has been waiting for this day since we dropped Austin off for his 1st day last year.

This cutie was being so sweet to his little sisters as he was telling them what preschool is like. I love the ways he loves on and protects his sisters (most of the time.;)

Before we leave for school, Daddy goes over our "Rules for School" with the kids and prays for them. Such a sweet time this morning!

Here are the "rules". :)

On their way up to the school on a rainy Tuesday morning. We dropped Ainsley off first. She pretty much walked right in and got started playing with all the new toys. I was so thankful that her drop off was easy. :)

Audrey with one of her teachers Ms. Vicki. Such an unsure face!! She had a great 1st day though! I knew she would love school!

One emotional and proud Mommy with my precious middle child!

A couple days before school started, we decided to move Austin to a 3 day class instead of 2. Luckily, a spot opened up for him and now he is going every Tues-Thurs. He had a great 1st day, but on Wed. morning he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I am going to miss you today." I almost cried at that one! He is such a sweet boy and I am so thankful that he loves being with his Mommy and Daddy and sisters.

Big hugs for Daddy before he started his 1st day! It felt so weird without any of my other "limbs" two days this week. Tuesday was a fun day of pampering with one of my new great friends who also dropped off her youngest at the same preschool. We went to get a pedicure and then to Olive Garden. Two of my favorites!! It was a great day! And then today I went on a fun lunch date with my hubby. All-in-all it has been a wonderful and crazy busy week, but this new season is definitely a welcomed one!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yes, we miscarried again a few weeks ago. It has been a tough road and one I would never wish upon anyone. That makes 3 miscarriages in 9 months and 5 total babies lost since we began this journey of being parents. As deep as the sorrow can be, I am just as much in awe and amazement that the Lord would bless me with my 3 beautiful babies. I am so thankful. The song Gratitude by Nicole Nordeman has spoken right to my heart in recent days. (You can scroll down and listen to it on my play list. :) I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined! I think we are done "trying" to have baby #4. We will see what the Lord has for us. We completely trust and hope in our Lord for the future of our family. I am also completely satisfied with my 3 precious little ones and I am more than ready to stop "thinking" am I pregnant? will my body reject this one too? what is wrong with me? We are just enjoying the big and little moments and not worrying about tomorrow. Even though this has been such a hard season, everything is in His hands and I am totally at peace with that. Thanks for reading and for praying for us.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cousin Birthdays!

Our kids have two cousins (for now;) and they love them!! Both Peyton and Sophia had birthdays this last month and we of course joined in the celebrations.

Happy 11th birthday, Pey! CANNOT believe how old you are! We are so proud of you and love ya tons!

Singing happy birthday

LOVE this pic of Andrew's mom and Grandmother Werley :)

Andrew's sis and fam just moved into a beautiful new house. We all had fun exploring the inside and playing outside.

As always, we attempted a group pic of the cousins. This was the best one out of like the 50 I took. :)

For Sophia's 2nd birthday, we went to Rain Forest Cafe and had a blast!

Mother and son :)

Cora and Graham's mom

Birthday girl with Mommy. Sophia wasn't so sure of all the nosies the animals make. It took her a bit to warm up to all the new surroundings. :)

Fun hats!

Fun balloons!

I don't have to wonder anymore why my husband and kiddos are so silly. It is in their DNA! Thanks Grandpa! ;)

Sweet Grandmother Werley wearing her crown. :)

Ainsley was loving it!

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Love you guys!