"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

With a Grateful Heart

We shared a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with my parents and my brother and his sweet wife at the lake. It was everything I was hoping for: quiet, relaxed and low-maintenance with great company, good weather and yummy food! We have SO much to be thankful for this year! The Lord has been so good to us in revealing His plan for our lives and ministry. We have had an amazing and fun year as a couple and as parents.

Things rolling around in my mind right now of gratitude: our healthy, happy kiddos who completely drain us mentally and physically each day, but I wouldn't change it for the world, my incredible hubby who has gone through A LOT this year in and through our transition. He has carried so much on his shoulders and been amazing through all the emotions (from me, yep his emotional wife!), questions, criticism, support and lack of, and all the while has been so sensitive to the Lord, His Word and His calling while guiding and leading his family. SO thankful and proud of my man! Grateful for the two Churches we have been a part of this year; both FBC Anna who we miss and love dearly as our 'first' Church the Lord called us to for a season, and to JVBC who we are growing to love more everyday and know the Lord wants us here to serve diligently and faithfully for Him. Grateful for the new home we moved into the weekend before Thanksgiving. Thankful to finally begin "settling" here in Houston! Grateful for our amazing friends who have supported, prayed and loved us through our transition this year. (Even the incredible ones from Anna that 'get it' and love us through their pain, sadness and questions of us leaving- that's true friendship!! Thank you! You know who you are. ;) Grateful for new friendships that are so sweet developing here in H-Town, too. Thankful for parents and siblings who let us vent and bounce things off them this year as we sought God's will for our life and future and for their support and love through the 'process'. Also so thankful for family that helped me visit Suzanne in Africa. The trip of a lifetime! LOVED that precious time spent with one of my favorite people in the world and for our mutual encouragement to each other while I was there! Grateful for a safe trip (that I took alone! Still proud of myself for that!;) Last and of course not least, so truly grateful to my LORD. I have fallen so much more deeply in love with Him this year! His Word has been made more alive and new to me like never before and I am so thankful everyday for His guidance, protection, love, and care for the details of my small life. He has provided in incredible ways this year! Daily giving me exactly enough grace and strength to make it through the day as He carries us though. I am in awe of His goodness to me and can't put my gratitude into words that come up with the emotion I feel when I think about what He has done for me and my family. It just blows my mind!! LOVE this journey with my God (and SO glad I am not the one in control!!)

Here are a few pics of our Thanksgiving this year:

My bro Cory and his awesome bride, Kristin (AND their baby they are expecting in May 2012!!)
My love.
The MEN and the fried turkey :)

Audrey's cute feet - she walked around taking pic with my camera all weekend!
Best Buds
Grandma and Pap pics- love this one!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Austin was very excited to pick up Abraham from the kennel after Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading! AND now on to unpacking...:)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women's Banquet

 This Fall the women's ministry of our Church hosted a wonderful banquet night filled with beautiful table displays, great food and fun entertainment.
This is sweet Debbie who asked me to sit at her table. She was an amazing hostess!

Our table was dedicated to an incredible lady, Lin Moore of our church who had recently passed away from cancer. So special!

Ains wasn't feeling so great that day, so she got to dress up and walk around with her Daddy talking to Ladies (she LOVES meeting new people!)

LOVE this sweet friend!!

Sweet baby girl and her favorite person of all time. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stacey's Wedding with my 4.5 Year Old

My cousin, Stacey's wedding was this month, so Audrey and I jumped in the car and drove to Waco for the day.

Papa, Grandma, Uncle Cory and Aunt Kristin

I had so much fun spending some special one on one time with my sweet girl!

 Beautiful Stacey and Audrey. :) Audrey was so excited to go to this wedding! She is quite the girly girl! She just saw this picture and said, "Mommy, you know why my smile isn't so great in that picture? Because my shoes were killing me." Haha! Love her!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our very own Dalmatian puppy, Wall-E and Rapunzel Princess!

Austin was so excited about his costume this year!

Our church hosted a fun Trunk or Treat.

This girl had been sick sick, but was up for dressing up for a fun night anyways.

The girls also got to drees up for dance class. :)

We also had a lot of fun Trick or Treating. Our kiddos were some of the only ones running around our neighborhood! Fun night!