"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday - An Amazing Morning

Early in the morning after July 4th we woke up early at the lake house to do something very special. Andrew's dad had asked him if he would baptize his ole' dad in the lake in front of their property. What an honor!! Through the time we were there that weekend and a few conversations, several other people in Andrew's family said they wanted to be baptized as well. AMAZING!! After testimonies of salvation from each person (which was such an incredible time to hear each story of surrender to the Lord), we headed out to the water.

Our two oldest were in attendance and are still asking many questions about "baptim" as Audrey calls it. We believe that baptism does not save us, but as we saw this particular morning it is an amazing testimony and step of obedience in our walk with the Lord. Did you know every salvation that we see in the Bible was followed by baptism except the thief on the cross? Baptism is the beautiful picture of dying to our old self (going under the water) and being raised to newness of life (after you come out of the water). I love how through Christ all things are made new!

This is Timothy. He is one of Andrew's cousins and has called him Uncle Andy for many years b/c Andrew is so much older than him. :) Timothy is a high school student and had just finished his first year as a camper at Pine Cove. (We of course are HUGE fans of PC!!) His testimony was that he was sprinkled as a baby, but through a conversation with Andrew he knew he wanted to be immersed and he has been a christian for several years. We LOVE Timothy! What an awesome young man! We are so proud!

I had to put this picture in this post! That is sweet Timothy 11 years ago - he was our ring bearer for our wedding! LOVE it! Can't believe how grown up he is now! The Lord has amazing things in store for this young man!

Callie is Timothy's older sis and she too is such an awesome young lady! She is a Sr. in high school this upcoming year and is currently deciding between Vanderbilt or UT for college. Her testimony is much like Timothy's and she has also been a PC camper for many years. The love Callie has for Jesus is evident and I know Andrew was so very honored to baptize this sweet cousin as well.

Callie, we love you and are so proud of Who's you are! Can't wait to see how the Lord leads you and calls you in the near future! You and Timothy are both dearly loved!!

Next was Andrew's sweet step mom, Cora. What an amazing woman and what an incredible journey she has been on with the Lord even since I met her about 12 years ago. She is a true woman of faith and she has so many qualities that I admire including strength and boldness. Cora has had a relationship with the Lord for many years. I can't even explain to you how wonderful it was that Andrew had the honor of baptizing Cora and I know it was so very memorable for her to do this with her husband watching as their son baptized her. I think it is a true statement that no one could or would have called this one 15-20 years ago!! God is so good!!

We love you, Cora!

Last but not least was Andrew's dad, Gary. It has been amazing to literally watch the Lord moving and changing this man's heart in the time Andrew and I have been married. Andrew is much the man he is today because of his dad and both of us are so incredibly proud of how passionate Gary is about his Lord. It was definitely an emotional experience watching a son baptize his father that he loves so much. Nothing beats it!!

Thank you, Lord for both of these men's lives! Quite a legacy they are creating!!

Here is the crew after the 'service'. :) David and Suzanne, Callie and Timothy's parents were there to watch as well that morning. Talk about two more amazing people!! They have done such a wonderful job raising their two children. I am always taking notes and listening to their wisdom every time I am around them.

This special morning is one we wont forget for a long time. What an incredible God we serve! He is SO worthy to be praised!!


Karen said...

Amen to awesome God. What an honor for your husband. I have tears just looking at the pictures. I will meet all these people one day even though I don't know you now.

Sandy said...

beautiful picture and post! Thank you for sharing! Should llink up with Thankful Thursdays!

Jennifer said...

What a sweet and glorifying event, as well as rememberance in this entry.

But we have this treasure in Jars of Clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. 2 Corinthians 4

Mama Napes said...

What a blessing for Andrew! It thrills my heart.

angie said...

I love this sweet story and the pictures. I also just read about your loss, I'm so sorry Ang, love u!!

Libbie said...

This post brought tears to my eyes as well. What an amazing experience and opportunity. God truly is faithful in bringing people to the place where He wants them. Thanks for sharing the pictures!