"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disney Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

Now for the fun posts on our fabulous family vacation to Walt Disney World! I will apologize in advance for the crazy amount of pictures in this post and several to follow. There were over 300 pics that were taken between me and my sis during the trip, so at least I narrowed down from that number. ;) We left on Sunday and it had SNOWED the night before - CRAZY! It took us forever to get out of Dallas and there were pretty intense driving conditions with the icy roads and accidents every where you looked. We were so thankful we got out safely and were even more thankful that we were heading some place warmer! :) Driving to Florida with 3 kiddos under 4, Aunt Zuzu (praise God that she was able to come!! We would have never had been able to do this trip without her! Man to man defense is a wonderful thing! :), and all of our stuff for a week long vacation went exactly the way you would think it would go. There were many moments you wanted to pull your hair out, but for the most part all 3 kids did a great job. We spent almost 24 hours of driving time to get down there and any one who has kids knows that will push anyone to the limit. :) We spent the 1st night in a hotel in Mobile, AL and it was a night I would like to forget - all of us in 1 room with 2 beds= NOT good times, but we made it. :) We decided not to tell the kids exactly where we were going. They just knew it was our "special trip". Here is a pic that I took right outside Orlando when we told them that we were going to Disney to meet Mickey and all the princesses. There was squealing involved. :)

They were very excited and I love that they were already holding their Mickey and Minnie. (I didn't plan that!:)

This is a pic while we were driving into Disney. The excitement was at an all-time high for all of us. We were also so relieved that the car ride was almost over!

We stayed at the Old Key West Resort and it was WONDERFUL!! We loved everything about it, from the great condo layout to the location and the heated pools. I would definitely suggest it to anyone and hope we can stay there next time we go (Yes! There will be another time hopefully in the future! Right, Honey?;)

We woke up at 6:30 a.m. the 1st morning and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We were given the most incredible book - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and it gave us so much info for our trip including touring guides of each park. The guides worked great and were custom to our needs with having such young kiddos. The above pic is one of the 1st pics I took when we entered the park. I was so proud that we got there before the park even opened, so that we could get a early jump on the rides.

We were SOOO thankful that Ainsley was walking by this trip!! (It was a major goal for us.) She was able to ride everything with us and explore as much as she wanted.

Sisters! The last time we were at Disney World together it was like 1986 or something. So great to share these memories with Suz! AND did I mention what an AMAZING help she was all week long??!!

Daddy and Ains - this was also Andrew's 1st trip to Disney World. :)

Before the park opened, there was this fun musical presentation.

Such sweet faces experiencing the "magic" for the 1st time. I LOVE it!

Cinderella's Castle!

Our attempt at a family pic in front of the castle.

Riding the Astro Orbiter. We went to the Dumbo ride 1st (of course!;), but I didn't get any pics. Austin spent his very 1st ride at Disney in tears b/c he had to ride in a peach Dumbo instead of a blue one. (Oh the DRAMA!) Thankfully, he got to have a 2nd redeeming ride with Zuzu in a blue Dumbo. :) MEMORIES!

Fun carousel.

Austin's favorite ride by far was the Buzz Light year ride. (And yes, he came home with a Buzz action figure which is his new fav toy:)

Riding the Buzz Light year ride. I think all boys love to shoot bad guys. :)

Audrey was NOT a fan of the dark ride on the 1st day. (She was fine on the last day when we went back to the Magic Kingdom.) She cried pretty much through rides like these. Poor thing! It really was pitiful. :(

We went back to our resort almost every day to eat lunch, take naps and have a couple of hours of down time. We wouldn't have been able to push the kids every day until like 11 if we didn't do it and I am so thankful that we could all go back and recharge for the next leg of the trip. Disney World truly is an amazing place, but it is NOT somewhere you go to relax or sleep in. We were very busy the entire week and still think we would have loved to stay 1-2 more nights. We just loved every minute!! The above pic is of us on a ferry on our way back to Magic Kingdom after naps. we were excited to get going again. :)

I just love pictures like this one. :)

Ainsley having a big girl moment. :)

This was the last picture of the day because shortly after this I LOST my camera in between a dinner and a diaper change. It was one of those things that I was hoping wouldn't happen, but I thought might. :( So, Zuzu took the pictures for the rest of the day (including our 1st Mickey and Princess encounters that I will save for a later post. :) My sweet hubby saved the day (as he usually does!) and we ended the wonderful day with my camera in hand! He went to the lost and found at the end of the night and someone had found it and turned it in! (Thank goodness for honest people!) The fireworks show was incredible as was the whole 1st day! Day 2 recap coming soon! Thanks for reading!


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