"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Disney Characters Galore!

I chose to wait and put all of the pics of the characters we met on our trip on one blog post. Mainly because the majority of the pics we took at Disney World were of the fun princesses and Disney characters (minus a few favorites like Tigger and Pooh and Ariel - the lines were just too long and we had already seen/met so many other characters. We will definitely catch them next time, right Honey? ;) I again apologize for the volume of pictures. Just too many to choose from! A BIG thanks to Aunt Zuzu for being our character-picture-taker during the week. She did such an awesome job capturing these magical moments! And without further ado:

This is Princess Aurora (or Auroree as Audrey calls her.:) She was the first Disney character for us to meet and she was so sweet! Austin of course was the first to walk right up to her and introduce himself. He was such a good sport meeting all the princesses during the week. He knew how important it was to Audrey. Such a great big brother!

Audrey was super shy at first, but she caught on quickly. :)

Such a sweet pic!

Audrey's favorite Disney princess is Cinderella, so we were VERY excited that she could meet her. I seriously teared up watching this dream come true for my little girl. I know you are thinking, "How silly!", but it is true! Right now all Audrey wants to be is a princess and for us as parents to be able to make that a reality for her was so special.

Sweet hugs

I love this pic! This is when Cinderella was telling Austin what a handsome prince he was. It was a funny moment. Austin thought Cinderella was 'very pretty'.

All I could think about when he took this pic was man, will I be able to use this later in his life and boy, he is going to be mad at me in about 10 years! ;) Look how cute he is!!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie for the first time was truly magical. The kids were so excited. I love that Suzanne was able to catch this sweet hug Audrey gave Minnie when she first met her. :)

A very excited little boy right now! Three things that Austin usually wants to sleep with these days: his blanket, Rudolph and Mickey. I love it!

Epcot was where we had the opportunity to meet a very large number of characters and Daisy was the first that day. LOVE this pic of her walking with the girls!

Daisy was Ainsley's favorite character by far. I love that she had absolutely no fear with any of the characters. She would just walk straight up to them for hugs and kisses. So sweet!

This is our 2nd Mickey encounter. Austin was very excited to get his autograph again. :)

My favorite character picture!

I mean, how precious is this??!!

More kisses for Minnie too...

...and hugs of course! :)

The Disney characters do such a great job of loving on kiddos. I really was impressed with all their fun-loving spirits and patience.

Pluto was a lot of fun! The kids really liked him.

Looks like Donald is about to eat Audrey! haha!

They all knew the drill by now. :)

Goofy was so tall!

More sweet hugs. :)

I love going back and remembering sweet moments like this one! I have ONE more Disney post coming and it is one of favs - Audrey's 3rd Birthday. Thanks for bearing with me and all of these picture-filled posts. I at least know that the grandparents are loving it! :)


David M said...

An uncle is loving it too!

Dannie N. said...

Mama Napes is loving it too! Brings back memories of our taking the family last year. Our princesses loved the Disney princesses also.

I love your blog, Angie.