"The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. "
Zephaniah 3:17

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ainsley - 7 Months Old

These are pics that we had made of Ainsley a couple of weeks ago. She is such a precious little girl!!

Our sweet baby girl is moving more and more these days. She is not quite sitting up yet, but we think she will be within the next couple of weeks. Her personality is coming out and she is just as sweet as they come. We can tell that she is going to be a talker because of all the noise she makes during play time and eating times. She is only kiddo out of the three that we can just lay down wide awake in her bed and she will go to sleep on her own. (Like she just did! Amazing!) She naps twice a day and sleeps like a champ through the nights. Ainsley is still very easy going and she LOVES interacting with her bis bro and sis. Austin and Audrey continue to be very sweet with her and Audrey especially loves to be around her and in her face 'playing' most of the day.

We officially have moved out of survival mode! YEA! I have done several successful play dates with other moms and my 3 kiddos by myself. (Big step!) And Andrew and I took all 3 kids out to eat this past weekend and we haven't stopped talking about how great everyone did - Austin actually ate the food and then went potty in the restroom, Audrey stayed in the high chair and was pleasant and Ainsley ate her baby food and hung out - no complaining from anyone! This is a BIG accomplishment in the Werley family! Last night was the night we have been preparing Austin for the passy removal (He has been able to have his passy's only in his bed since he was 2). So, Andrew and I were mentally gearing up for there to be tears and drama when it was time for him to give them up - NOPE! He gave them to me, we put them in a plastic baggie, he asked me if I was going to throw them away, I said yes and that was it!! He didn't ask once for them! WOW! So now we just have to keep up with one kiddo's passys (Audrey) and hers will be bound to her bed as soon as she turns 2 as well. We are so excited! Austin is shocking us these days with how much of a big boy he is becoming. He is potty trained, eating "better" and really has turned a corner with behavior and everything all around. He is also a very sweet big brother to the girls. I love our little family and praise the Lord for these precious little lives!


M J said...

She's a cutie! :)

Kelly said...

So glad yall are doing good. Such little blessings!! I'm hoping baby #3 is an excellent sleeper!!

angie said...

Way to go girl...impressive taking all three alone:) I am with you on the binky thing, we are in the same process with Ally. They are amazing little people aren't they?

Meg said...

it was such a blessing to see you wed, even if it was brief!! i am going to need SO much advice on having 3 little ones--you truly make it look easy!! here's looking to our girl trip :)